About Us

Innovation and Creativity relevant to today’s diverse society.


Our Story.
Our Mission.

Ice production company is a creative production company founded by ice Nweke in 2004, which is set to bridge the gap between the artistic and commercial worlds, producing high quality performances that are informed by and for audiences who are in constant search for something new, exciting, innovative, creative and relevant to today’s diverse society.

The company is diverse in its approach towards any form of Innovative Artistic Presentation or Production. The style of creativity ranges from western forms to contemporary African, Spoken words, Motion graphics / Animation, Production Design / film, Musical theatre and Dance Productions, Competitions, Seminars and Dance Educational workshops.

A global artistic entertainment production company with a unique approach in creating events, stage shows, performances and film to a standard that is ultimately inspiring to evoking your imagination while invoking your senses and emotions.



Set Design/3d Mapping


Motion Graphics and Film


…life becomes performance art